Tiny dimensions, Limitless Possibilities

Nanofibers are so small a naked human eye can hardly see them. But those tiny dimensions are the very reason of their potency. They are used in industry, healthcare, construction and many other areas. We thrive on utilizing their unique features to the full potential so that life can be a little easier for all of us. What are the pillars of our work?


Our industry is constantly evolving. To stay one step ahead, we continue to expand our horizons. At the same time, we keep an eye on all news and industry trends.


We want our employees to always expand their expertise. That is why we support them in the field of education and acquiring new knowledge.


We believe that modern technologies can be environmentally friendly. Therefore, we implement a consistent environmental policy within the company.

Research and innovation

When developing new products, we cooperate with research institutions and leading professional workplaces to fully unlock the potential of nanofibers.


Looking for optimal nanofiber solution? We are here to help

Could your business use some of those unique features nanofibers have to offer? Contact us, we will be happy to answer your questions, discuss your ideas and requirements with you and propose a solution tailored to your needs.